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Topic:   Best video source for Benq MP511+ for movies

Hi all. I´ve been playing for a long time with home theater setups, but this is the first time I get a projector. Is a BenQ MP511+. It has VGA, component (by using an adaptor from vga to component) SVideo and composite. First I thought to use a computer for the source of video through VGA since I thought it would deliver the best quality, but then on the manual it says: "The native display resolution of this projector is SVGA 800x600 in a 4:3 aspect ratio. For best display picture results, you should select and use an input source which outputs at this resolution. Any other resolutions will be scaled by the projector depending upon the 'aspect ratio' setting, which may cause some image distortion or loss of picture clarity." So it says is a 4:3 resolution. But on other part of the same manual it says: "Component Video is the only video output that delivers native 16:9 aspect ratio picture." I always thought VGA was better than component in terms of quality. Also, don´t know why the projector would limit itself to a 800x600 resolution. A widescreen monitor has a widescreen native resolution, so if this projector has a native 16:9 resolution through component, why not through VGA? Sorry, I am all confused about this. Basically what I would like to know since the projector will be used only for movies (90% of them anamorphic widescreen) what would be the best video source. A computer through VGA, or a stand alone player through component. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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