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Topic:   Any totally free "rainbow effect" DLP projectors?

SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X-E
Projector Specs
A correction on the price issue. I'm about to (reluctantly) buy a 3-chip DLP, Sim2 C3X-E projector for $13,000. My reseller has a limited quantity for that price, but list price is still only $20,000. I'm sensitive to rainbow-effect, so I have to have 3-chip, and rejected their less-expensive 1-chip model. An outstanding review of this projector helped push me over the price edge, combined with how great an SD movie looked upscaled in the showroom. I have more than 5000 movies in SD, and don't really like most new films. So I'm praying I'll be content with 720p instead of the extra $10,000 in this quality range for 1080p (112" diagonal screen).
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