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Topic:   Canon REALiS SX7 as dedicated conference projector?

I'm doing research for a new projector for our conference room. The conference room has no windows, but it does have bright fluorescent lights that kind of wash out our current projector (Viewsonic PJ1172). There are a smaller, dimmer set of lights that people should use while doing presentations, but no one ever uses them for some reason (too lazy to walk over and turn them on and the fluorescents off?). While doing my research I came across a few projectors that peaked my interest. The first was a Canon REALiS SX7. The only problem is that it is listed as an ultra-portable on the Canon website. Should I avoid it because of this? It will be ceiling mounted, approximately 10 feet from the ground vertically and 23 feet away from the screen horizontally. This produces a 25 foot diagonal from the mounted projector to the floor where the screen is located. The screen is approx 150 inches diagonally. The room sits around 20 to 30 people, and they sit around 10 to 20 feet from the screen. Any advice on the matter is greatly appreciated. By the way, if you feel the Canon is not a good choice, what are your feelings on the Dell 5100MP (second choice) or Epson Powerlite Pro G5150NL (third choice)? Or feel free to recommend any other projectors. Budget is anything under $5k.
Topic:   Wireless projector

Hi, Can I use Canon projectors LV - 7585 , sx7 & x700 using network imagers as a wireless projectors? regards hss
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Topic:   serial port

Hi I want to Control my Canon Sx - 7 projector through computer throgh serial port Rs - 232. Is it any third party software or coding is required or directly I can connect the projector to Computer ?? Please suggest me , some who knows about these kind applications. regards hss
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