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Topic:   Adjusting picture size

Hello all, I recently get and installed a used JVC DLA-RS2U rojector with a Screen Innovations 100' Screen. I have it ceiling mounted. The projector is working well, the picture is awesome. I'm only having an issue with the picture size. When I zoom the picture to fill the horizontal axis of the screen the vertical axis of the picture goes past the screen frame. If I zoom out the picture to have the vertical axis of the picture "in" the screen then, I get "side bars" with no picture. It seems as if it was stuck on a stretch mode. I looked through the manual and the projector menus, but only found one stretch option which makes the issue worse, further stretching the picture vertically. Does anyone have any experience/input on this? Or Is ther a way to reset the projector to factory default settings? Thanks in advance.
Topic:   How to set up components

I'm about to get going on my own setup, after having read lots of excellent postings. I have been told to purchse to pieces of equipment which I'm not familiar with; a power conditioner (H15 APC), and a "scaler". Can someone explain to me the purpose of these components? I am thinking of the JVC RS2 for a projector, Vutec Silverstar 110" for screen, the Denon 3808 for receiver, and JBL L series for speakers. Basically, won't the Denon take care of the "scaler" suggestion, as well as power conditioner? Also, can someone suggest to me how much subwoofer to have in a 14' x 22' room with 11' ceiling, no windows? JBL has a 600 W powered subwoofer. Is one sufficient? two have been suggested to me. I am completely ignorant, and would welcome any and all suggestions/advice. Thank you.
Topic:   Using US sold projectors internationally

Hi Gurus I am from Australia but am about to buy the JVC RS2 while I am in the US (much better price). In australia we run 240 volts. WIll i be able to use the projector with a converted cord or is it much more complicated than this. Thanks Pete
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Topic:   Newbie, -grain- how large can I go w/1080p

I am building a home theater from scratch. I want to know sitting between 8' and 18' whould a 15 foot diagonal sizes projection be too big? Would the grain/pixals be too anoying to enjoy the show. Using a JVC DLA-RS2 with a 20 foot throw.
Topic:   What is the Best Projector Technology available for $5K-$10K

Here is a quote from the review: (for the complete review, go to "In the final analysis, the JVC RS2 surpasses not only the RS1, but all of the 1080p competition anywhere near or below its price range when its natural, filmlike characteristics are taken into consideration. This has always been the latent strength of JVC's D-ILA technology, and it shows itself in impressive fashion on the RS1 and RS2 series of projectors. For our taste, JVC has achieved an ideal balance between image sharpness and a natural, lifelike quality. Last spring it was an easy decision to give the JVC DLA-RS1 our Editor's Choice Award. The RS2 is a step up in performance, clearly surpassing the RS1 in contrast, black level, and color saturation. In our view it is certainly worth the extra money just for the incremental improvements in picture quality alone. The new features of powered lens, HDMI 1.3, and anamorphic lens compatibility are just icing on the cake. Thus, it is an equally easy decision to give the JVC DLA-RS2 our Editor's Choice Award as well."
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