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Topic:   Big issue with Mitsubishi projector

I own a Mitsubishi HC6000 for about 2 years and very often I have to ship it back to Mitsubishi for all kind of issues. Mainly because of green spots. People at the service department suggested to buy a air cleaning system which I think it is not a professional answer as the projector has been designed to work in a normal environment. I am very disappointed and I think people should think twice before considering a Mitsubishi projector. Does anyone has this issue and any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Topic:   Mitsubishi HC6000BL?

The designation of BL simply means Black. When this model originally came out it was available only in black but it was availableonly in white overseas. Now you have a choice. HC6000bl is the black model and HC6000 is white. hoped that helped
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