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Topic:   Made in the USA?

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Topic:   Short Throw projectors

I'm in the process of finishing my basement, with HT being one of the primary purposes. I have a 100" screen, and I'd like to place the projector in front of a beam. In front of the beam will allow the projector to be higher and out of the way. However this will limit my throw to about 80". The only projector I've come across that can do this is the 3M Digital Media 700. 3M's ad seems to indicated it is more business oriented, and not necessarily as good for HDTV and movies. It also looks like it is meant to project from a table up to a screen as opposed to a ceiling down. Can this unit be mounted upside down so the opening from the lens and the controls are oriented for ceiling use? Better still, is their a better projector for my situation?
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