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Topic:   Projector Installation

I was wondering if there were some basic rules on how high to mount a projector. Is it ideal to mount it such that the top of the projected image is inline with the top of the screen? My projector is being mounted in the rear of an amphitheater with stadium seating (sloping downward from the back to front) I have already calculated the throw distance and have purchased the right lense for that distance. I just need to know how to go about how high to mount it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Topic:   Outdoor Projection Solutions

I am running an outdoor venue over the summer for about ten weeks. This venue is in the mountains where the temperature can fluctuate quite radically. I need to know if there are any vendors that manufacture weatherproof cases for our projection unit. Something that will protect it from the sun as well as provide airflow and security from theft. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you
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