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Topic:   Panasonic PT-AE4000U Blotches and Fuzz

Hey guys, my Panasonic PT-AE4000U has some blotchy spots and fuzziness. Any idea why? Are you able to tell anything from these pictures? Thanks!
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Topic:   Questions on mounting and wiring

We are planning to replace an old portable projector with a new, permanently mounted projector. Currently we are considering the Panasonic PT-D4000 but would consider other options if needed. We are debating whether to do a ceiling mount using the projector's standard lens or mount it on the back wall using a long throw lens. Our screen is 150" diagonal, 4:3, and the back wall is 75 feet from the screen. 1. Regarding mounting, can someone recommend a good hardware kit for ceiling mount and a kit for wall mount? 2. Regarding wiring, we would like to wire multiple video connections (RGB, DVI, etc) during installation even though initially we would only have one video source (laptop computer) but would like to plan for future expansion. Can someone recommend cables for this application? Are there bundled cables that would provide a "clean" look? If we decide to go with ceiling mount, the cable length would be in the 150' to 200' range. Thanks in advance.
Forum: Projectors
Topic:   new projector

hello, i'm looking to buy the new pt-d4000, and i have a 3.2 meter distance from wall to wall. since after calculating the image size in 16/9 view i would like to get a larger image and therefor i would like to install the projector inside the back wall. my concern in 2 things, 1. heat. how ventilated does the area of the projector has to be? 2. and more concerning, it really depends how far in the back wall i will install it, but i'm worried that the receptor of the projector and the remote control will not "see" each other. is there an option to attach to the projector an extention to the receptor to a closer place to me? thank you, shachar.