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Topic:   What Else Do I Need?

The HC4900 only has 1 HDMI input. If my cable box has an HDMI output and my Blue Ray player has a HDMI output how can I get both of these outputs to my one HDMI input on the projector?
Topic:   HDMI and mounts

So I got everything I think that I need but I still needed an HDMI cable and a projector ceiling mount. I've looked at the normal box stores at cables and it seems like they are EXTREMELY expensive. I mean 100 bucks for a 15' cable? So I took AV's advise and ordered one from Monoprice. Seemed extremely cheap - $12.00 shipped. I guess my question is about the quality of the cable I bought, is it going to be as good as the $100 cable I could have bought from Best Buy? As for ceiling mounts any ideas on what mount is best for between $50 to $75?
Topic:   Will this Work....

Leaning hard towards the HC4900. Wanted to make sure that my setup will work with this. here we go: 1. room is 12 x 18 2. completely dark 3. ceiling is 9 feet high 4. seating is approximately 13 feet back 5. screen is 123" diagnally 6. screen is approx 18in from ceiling and centered w/1.3 gain 7. speakers are all polk, powered fronts and sub, 7.1 8. projector can sit on shelf or be mounted any suggestions or comments are welcome before I spend the money
Topic:   htpc not compatable with denon 987

please help. if i go from my htpc to the projector (hc4900) it works fine, if i use the hdmi switcher on my denon 987 i lose pic after it boots up. im told this might be a anti piracy issue of some sort (that my pc and denon dont have an agreement for compatability). whats weird is that it worked for a while, than 50%, now not at all. is there software to make it work again? my wife is less than thrilled with the new toy not working for all that $$$$$$$. if i dont get it working she is going to kill me, please help. thanks, steve
Topic:   HDMI

I am going to get the Mits HC4900. But I have 1 concern. If I have sources going to it that are HDMI 1.3 will this projector work? It is not HDMI 1.3 it is HDMI 1.2.
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