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Topic:   Svideo IN to TV IN..can it damage gear ?

Friend used a projector ( mitsu xd470u ), ran an Svideo cable from the IN to the Svideo IN on a CRT TV.. Both are In's. They claim the TV sparked and is now they then plugged the svideo cable into a computer Svideo jack..same result. Can this harm either unit? I cant figure out how... but the TV is now dead, the computer is dead. The projector works fine, but in Svideo input mode, the picture is black and white only. VGA and other inputs on the projector work perfectly. Why this person would plug the svideo from a TV to a projector I dont know. I have asked around but all I get is... " not sure but you probably cant run an IN to an IN with Svideo ". The only variables I can think of are bad tv power supply or power/ ground issues in the house where it was plugged in... but I dont have enough info to rule anything IN or OUT.
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