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Topic:   Epson projector and Dish Hopper Q?

I'm new to this and wondered if my Epson Powerlite S5 can be connected to a Dish HD receiver, like the Hopper. The Epson does not have HDMI input, only RCA composite, S-video, and VGA. Would it work if I connected the HD receiver's Py/Pb/Y outputs to the projector's VGA input using a component to VGA cable? And if so would it be in high def? Thanks, Jim
Topic:   Dish with Epson HD worth it?

I recently bought an Epson PowerLite S5 projector and have it connected to my Dish Network standard def receiver. The native resolution of the Epson is 800 x 600. Would upgrading to Dish Network's Hi Def receiver/package make much of a difference in picture quality. Any opinions or experiences are appreciated. Thanks.
Topic:   Epson S5 - Strange issue

I am using a 6 month old Epson S5 with about 800 hours on it. Bought it used on Ebay for $300. Here is the issue as best as I can explain. As an example, imagine that the screen is 10 foot by 6 foot. (it is not but easier with the math). The picture of the movie is on the entire 60 square feet. However, there is a lighter "rectangle" area that is say one foot from the left, one from the right, and 2 from the bottom. It can clearly be seen most of the time. I have a nice screen for this and the lighter "rectangle" moves with the projector - thus, a projector issue. BTW, probably about 100 - 105% on the zoom range.
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Topic:   Which epson lcd projector to buy? powerlite S5 or home 20 10+

im looking to buy a lcd projector for watching movies and t.v. ,which of the two epsons would you say is the better one for my use. epson powerlite S5 or the epson powerlite home 20 10+ im new to projectors, but know i want to go with a lcd, thanks
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Topic:   720p "Capable" Projector

I just got an Epson Powerlite S5 projector. I have it pretty much solely to play XBOX. Now I know technically its a "work" projector but I'm using it at home. On the stat sheet it says that this projector is 720p "Ready"...whatever that means. There is no HDMI input on the back so my question is: Is there any way I could run an HDMI cable from my XBOX 360 to my projector and get 720p reception? Any sort of converter or something? Any and all help is appreciated.
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