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Topic:   Apple TV not Projecting image but other devices work

I have a Optoma EP749 projector that is connected to a PS3 and an Apple TV. Last week my projector stopped showing the video from my Apple TV. The PS3 works fine through the projector and the Apple TV will work when connected to another TV. I picked up another Apple TV and connected it to the projector and it would show up for a few seconds then the screen went black. I can still hear the audio, its just the picture that is out. I have tried changing out the cables, resetting everything back to factory settings and removing everything connected to the projector except the Apple TV. The only unusual thing about the connections is an HDMI to DVI converter on the back of the projector. Any Help would be appreciated.
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Topic:   Optoma EP749 Lamp Light / hard reset?

Ive had this model for over a year now so its just out of the manufacturer warranty. Recently the lamp light went on, which I found normal as these projector lamps only last about 1000. I purchased a new lamp and installed it. When I turn on the projector it starts up, all fans start, can hear the internals working, then after about 30 seconds stops and the lamp light comes on. I read online many projectors need to have their lamp timer reset after changing it. Unfortunetely, in order to do this I have to access the menu which it will not allow. This to me seems like a nice way for the company to make some easy money on non existent repairs. This seems evident by them sending me to a 3rd party repair service who wants $150 to even look at the projector. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong with this projector, or how to give it a hard reset? Yes the new lamp I bought was an ebay deal, but that company received rave reviews, and the bulb was the exact same model as the one I took out of the unit. This is the one I bought
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Topic:   Very frustrated. New bulb. Please help.

About a month ago, our projector 's bulb failed... right at the predicted 2000 hr mark. I bought a new bulb on the internet and installed it. For about 50 hours now the new bulb has worked great. Tonight the projector shut off and displayed the solid red "lamp" light again (like it did when the first bulb went out a month ago). After allowing the unit to cool down, I started it up again. It will project the same, normal, bright optoma company name and maybe a few frames of whatever is playing (maybe 5 seconds total) and then shuts off again (displaying the solid red "lamp" light again. Does this sound like a lamp problem? How could the lamp be bad if it works for a few seconds (brightly) before it shuts off? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Topic:   Optoma EP749 - Good Enough?

Hi all, I'm new to the home theater world, I have a basement that I can't really finish because the house was built in 1927 (gorgeous craftsman construction, nice dark woodwork, love it!) and the ceilings are too low, but the walls have been waterproofed and every now and then I play with the idea of getting a projector and a sound system and grooving on my collection of movie musicals and historical dramas. Then I look at my bank account and decide to buy groceries instead. :-) Then, just for fun, I applied for a Best Buy credit card and was surprised to actually get one. Right now they have a "2 years no interest" deal going on and I see that they have an Optoma EP749 for sale for $799 after instant rebate. I'm not looking to recreate Loewe's Grand in my basement, just a pleasant big-screen experience, so would this projector do the job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just found this forum and think it's great - the section on home theater projects is amazing! Y'all are really talented...
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