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Topic:   Screen setup, PJ-TX300

Hi all, My projector was sent off for service, and when it came back, the image is all tilted and I don't know how to fix it. I use a framed screen so I can see easily exactly where the image starts and stops. By what I mean tilted is that it starts on the right side at the frame, but on the left side, it's about 2 cm below the frame. Top frame however displays no such irregularities so I know the whole projector is not tilted. I don't know much about how to fix these things, I tried all the settings I could find on the menu but nothing actually changes that particular setting. The projector is ceiling mounted. Any ideas?
Topic:   Projector colour problem

A newish projector exhibiting colour malfunction. (Bands of Green Pink and Blue.) I think it corrects with ventilation improvement. the projector is ceiling mounted. Could this be caused by over heating or lack of ventilation. Is this damage and might it correct itself. John
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Topic:   Need help with recommending Projectors

Thanx Gwlaw99! The reviews is really glowing... but the problem is no one is selling it... so i cant buy it at all... =( I visited a shop today and told them my room measurements and all the specs i wan... they recommended me the HITACHI PJ - TX300... The specs seems really really good and i am very tempted to buy it... but again there are no official reviews on it yet... any of u guys had it before and tried it yet?
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