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Topic:   New Lamp Not working properly

Hey guys My original lamp finally burnt out after over 4000hours. At the end of the life, somedays it would work, somedays it would just flash red. I installed the new lamp, changed the filter, and out of the gates it worked fine for about 3 hours.....then went red. i took it out, and re inserted, and I finally got it working again, reset the hour counter ( i was told this may be issue) and it worked for about 30 min and then died. The next day i turned it on and it worked for about 2 hours then died red..... Any idea what the issue might be??? Thanks
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Topic:   Is an Upgrade worth it? From the Epson ProCinema 1080

This project lamp is about to go, I'm looking at 2-300 for a replacement. My question is -- should I put that replacement bulb money instead into a $1k projector like the epson 2030 or the equivilent benq? Will I notice much of a picture improvement, or would I need to spend more than that to get something better? I'm guessing the projector I have is about 7 years old now with 2.3k hours on the lamp, and it says the lamp needs to be replaced. Thanks so much for anyone's feedback!!
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Topic:   Epson 1080 Image Quality

In my research, it's been suggested that the Epson PowerLite 1080 not be used on a screen larger than 92". I was able to find a display model in a local A/V store. However, the screen that was being used in the store was a 123" screen. In my short time watching this projector in action (watching HD-DVD version of Seabiscuit) I was not very impressed with the picture. I felt the image was soft. I also felt the colors were not that great as I remember them looking. Could this be due to the fact that it was such a large screen that the image was being too stretched? Would the picture look better (better colors and sharper image) on a 84" screen? Or is that all I can expect out of this projector?
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Topic:   Home audio gurus needed!

A good way to work out where to place your sub woofer is to put the sub where you plan to sit when you watch your HT. Then play a nice low frequency through it and walk around the room. Where ever it sounds best is where you should place the sub.
Topic:   Epson Powerlite Pro 1080

I am looking in to purchasing a Pro Cinema 1080 PJ. When I went to Projector Central to determine the throw distance from the screen they recommend 20'+. I have a 103" screen and my current PJ is an Epson Cinema 550 which is ceiling mounted at 12' from the screen and the image is great, so why is the new Pro 1080 suggesting 20'? My HT is in my daylight basement where I have full control of the lighting in case that has any impact on my throw distance for the new 1080. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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