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Topic:   Yellowish tint....

Just bought the NEC NP60...2 of our laptops using the NP60 provide a beautiful colorful display...the 3rd laptop is showing yellowish tint over the display...tried a different cable with the same result... Any ideas? Thanks a ton ValpoMan
Topic:   Projector heat tolerance

Hi. Cool site. Just found it. I have an NEC NP60 DLP projector enclosed in a small box to reduce the noise. There is a small AC feed and return in the box but I question their effectiveness.I stuck a remote thermometer in the box and it sometimes reaches temps of 140 degrees (F, of course). It's on sometimes 8-12 hours a day and hasn't over-heated yet in the week since I sealed it up. Lamp is in ECO mode. Basically I wonder if I'm pushing my luck, might cause some serious damage, or if this is in tolerance? The manual doesn't indicate a max environmental temp. Also, any suggestions on keeping the box cooler without raising the noise? This is in a film mixing studio so living with the noise isn't an option. Thanks for any insight Keith
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