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Topic:   Annoying HD issue...Optoma HD65

I'm having the exact same problem with my Viewsonic PJ558D projector. Only happens at 720p or higher. It's still under warranty so I got an RMA for it but now wonder if it could be a weak signal from my cable box. Have you tried using a different source to see if it duplicates with another input device? I will hook up my computer to mine and see what happens. Jim [QUOTE=Ranger490|Jan 19, 2010 12:50:08 AM] I'm having this annoying issue with my projector. When I'm watching a HD channel, my projector will suddenly go blank and "search" for inputs. It only lasts about 2-3 seconds, but is annoying nonetheless. On most channels, it will only happen 2-3 times a show, but on shows with lots flashes and "flash backs" such as CSI it happens every 10-20 seconds. It almost seems like it can't keep up with the flashes of color...strange Here is my setup: Optoma HD65 Projector Motorola VIP1216 cable box (AT&T U-Verse) A few notes: - I only lose video, not audio. - I am currently using component video cables, but have tried HDMI as well. - I am having the same issue when the box is set at 720p and 1080i. Any ideas??? Thanks! Any ideas? [/QUOTE]
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Topic:   Projector for bright room

Hey guys. Newbie here looking for a projector for my church youth room. I am looking at a Viewsonic PJ558D. The room has alot of windows, and that concerns me. Also has very bright lights within the room. Will mainly show internet videos (like youtube), slideshows, powerpoint, and the occasional dvd through my computer. I have an 8ft screen. Should I be more concerned with lumens or contrast? Any suggestions or comments apreciated.
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