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Topic:   panasonic PT-PE1000E picture flicker

Help please. I have purchased a Panasonic PT-AE1000E almost a year ago, for a few months as was very happy with it. At the 500 h mark, give or take, the picture started to flicker. It's a fairly faint, but rapid, change in light intensity, it's not continous and it lasts for a few seconds up to a couple a minutes. It is quite obvious and it usually starts after 30 minutes. The seller helped me out imensly with the first projector by repalcing it with a unit with only a few hours run time. I had the second projector for a few months without any problems. Now this unit has reached 540 h run time and the same problem occured. Last time Panasonic measured the lamp and so forth and said they could not find anything wrong with it. They suggested it could be a DVD player (which is Pioneer) issue, said somoething about copyright protected DVD's. Not very helpful. Now that the issue has reappeared with the second projector I am fairly sure it is a projector problem. Can anybody help with any suggestions? Thank you
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Topic:   Panasonic PT-AE100E extreamly dim picture

Hi there, I have a Panasonic PT-AE100E LCD Projector. One day i turned it on and the picture was very weak and small and the picture then started to pulse. u can just about see the blue screen and menu if you put it very close to something like your hand. Any ideas whats wrong, is it the bulb or something to do with the power supply? Many thanks. Stuart.
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Topic:   Throw Distance

We are looking at buying the PA-AE1000E projector for our HT. The room is about 17 feet in length. Under Projector Calculator it suggests a 85 foot screen at 16' 5 inches (Throw distance) If I go to a 103 inch screen the suggested throw distance is 19' 11 inches - (bigger than the room) however it also offers a range for the throw distance of 10 feet to 19 ' 11". I'm assuming that the max throw distance would be the ideal setting. If you were to go a little closer - how would that compromise your picture quality? ie - can I go with a 103 inch screen at a throw distance of 16.5 feet? If so - how would that affect the ideal image? TIA
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Topic:   Help with Home Theatre - Seating/Raised Floor

Hi, I'm looking at buying the Panasonic AE1000 for a 17 foot room (square). Based on what I have read it appears that the max screen size would be about 84 inches and the viewing distance from 8-13 feet (throw distance 16 feet). The questions I have relates to seating. I would like to have two rows of seating (one on a raised floor). Can anyone point me to where I can find out more information regarding raised floors - are they a good idea? how high do you raise them? Does anyone recommend reclining sofas? (they can be about 5 feet in depth) - or any other types of seating?? TIA
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Topic:   Proposed Home Theater Layout

Hey guys, I have been given the go ahead from the wife to turn the spare room into a home theater. The room is 5mx3.4m or 16.4'x11.1' with no windows and double doors. I have my eye on the Pana PT-AE1000E to project a 100" 16:9 image. Using the "Projection Calculator Pro" i have determined that the Pana will required 1.4 zoom @ a distance of 4.3m (14.1') to project 100". The single row seeting will be 3.2m (10.5') away from the screen (1.5x distance of screen width). The video source will come from a PS3, HTPC outputing 1080p and an xbox (xbmc) upscaling to 720p/1080i. Is there anything wrong with the current layout i am proposing? My main concern is "screen door" effect being visable... I am unsure what factors actually case this.. i image it would be a mixture of seating distance + zoom ammount + image size / day of week x moon alignment :P I have attached a visio pic of the room and provided a direct link to it. (6kb) Thanks for the advice :)