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Topic:   Poor Mans Home Theater

Work in process... build the sceen myself..Cheap carpet..Bed sheets for the movie theater look, Acid stained the concrete walls.. Let me know what you think of it and please if and suggestions let me know thanks...
Topic:   Discrete codes for a PT-AE1000U

I'm looking for discrete codes for this device. I found discrete on/off from but I really need to find discrete codes for the input. I did discover that the codes for the Panisonic PL-AE900U for Component and HDMI worked for this projector but I have no way of getting the codes from the remote they are programed into - but htey did switch my projector from HDMI and Component... If you know of where I can get these of if you have them I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks
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Topic:   Panasonic AE1000 Rebate Problems

I am still waiting for my $1000 rebate. Purchase date of my AE1000 was 4/30/2007 from an authorized Panasonic dealer. I mailed the rebate form on 5/10/2007, which puts me at 18-19 weeks depending on how long my rebate form took to get to them. I know they claim to have problems with their verification software but this is ridiculous! I just checked my status at the ACB website and it says: Current Status: Check Payment Check to be mailed within 8-14 weeks of received date. Retailer: ALL OTHERS Product Model: PT-AE1000U Date Entered: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 Check Number: [I deleted for my security] Current Dollar Amount: $1,000.00 What does this mean? "The check is in the mail" or they won't send it for another 8-14 weeks! Does anyone have any additional information on this issue?
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Topic:   Screen size/throw distance confusion

I bought a Panasonica PT-AE1000U projector that I am trying to setup. I have a 24'x17.5' room in the basement. What I am finding is the numbers given by projection calculator on projector central is outside of what is in the manual that I got with the product. For example for 100" screen manufacturer recommends 9'10"-19'4" throw distance. But projection calculator gives me 19'6"!! Why would the numbers given by projection calculator be this much off (i.e. outside of the recommended range)? I am thinking of following the manufacturer recommendation and pick a throw distance in the middle of the recommended range. But I am little paranoid about the decrepency, can anyone clarify? Secondly how do I figure out the seating distance? Manufacturer has no recommendation. I will probably setup seating around 18'. Any suggestion on screen size based on this?
Topic:   discrete codes for PT-AE1000U

Does anyone have codes for this device? I REALLY want a discrete on/off code and discrete codes for the input. I have a Pronto TSU3000. I've also posted on Thanks.
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