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Topic:   Wireless Projection (EasyMP) help needed!

I love Epson and their amazing projectors but for the life of me I can't get EasyMP to work. It's this wireless projection solution that's supposed to stream computer input without cables, which would be amazing. I'm trying to use this with my HP EliteBook 840 G1 (With wireless as admin) and my Epson PowerLite 1705c projector. I've downloaded the latest version of EasyMP straight from Epson's website and ensured my network drivers on my computer are updated as well. No matter what I try they won't connect. I literally have the EliteBook right next to the projector and no go. The wireless adapter that came with the projector is blinking (I assume it's searching for a connection) but no go. I already tried manually inputting the projectors IP address and name but nope. I added EasyMP as an exception in Windows Firewall so what do I do? (Windows 7 Professional x64) - Luke
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Topic:   Looking for wireless projector.

I'm guessing that when you said that the presenter will be mobile in the room you meant that the projector could be set up anywhere in a room. Well, wireless video for HD sources is pretty poor right now. Wireless HDMI exists, but cannot do full HD as the bandwidth just isn't there yet. However, the technology does exist for what you propose - presentations and some video. I'm sure others use the tech as well, but Epson seems to be one of them. Here is some info for you: Hope that helps! I should add I've never tried using one of these wireless projectors, and I think that given the choice I'd rather just hardwire in a "station" for a projector to connect to so there is one less thing to set up prior to a presentation.
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