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Topic:   Boxlight Focus/DLP question

Boxlight 4802
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Greetings all, I have recently inherited a Boxlight 4801 which doesn't appear to be in the list of projectors. It is a simple 800X600 DLP LCD Projector that luckily came with an extra bulb. The problem I'm having with it is actually in the focus. For some reason I can't seem to get it focused completely without it having a bit of fuzzyness to it. I've spoke with Boxlight's tech support and ofcourse they just tried to get me to buy a new one and trade this one in. Not happening as they are too expensive for me at the current moment. I'm an intermediate technician (Mostly computers hardware/software handhelds etc.) but I also understand some of the technology is the same. Is there a way to reset the DLP chip or at least find out what may be causing the focus problem? I've ultimately tried all the manual focusing on the external adjustments with no luck. I just don't want to crack it open and make any changes only to find there is nothing possible besides replacing the DLP chip. FYI - I have reset my light to fix an earlier problem.
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