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Topic:   BenQ and mysterious twins CP220/CP220c.

So, I've been looking for a new PJ to replace my good old PB6200 (broken CW due to blown bulb @ 11k hours). Then these two DLP XGA BenQs caught my attention. [url=]CP220[/url], first ship 2006. [url=]CP220c[/url], first ship 2007. Overall looks like the second one is a minor evolutionary upgrade. However, these are the differences between the two (specs of [b]older[/b] unit are in bold): ANSI brightness: [b]2200 / 1800 (eco)[/b] 2000 / 1600 (eco) ANSI contrast: [b]2000:1 full on/off[/b] 700:1 full on/off Black level (I admit it follows from 1. and 2.): [b]1.1 min. lumen[/b] 2.86 min. lumen Lamp: [b]200W, 3000 hrs / 4000 hrs. (eco)[/b] 220W, 2000 hrs / 3000 hrs (eco) Power consumption (max): [b]285W[/b] 312W Noise level: [b]34 dB / 31 dB (eco)[/b] 36 dB / 33 dB (eco) Now I'm puzzled. How could they make newer model perform worse in every single aspect? I understand that some of these qualities are linked, more powerful lamp leads to higher power consumption that leads to faster fans that raise noise level, but why change something that worked ok in the first place?? Trashed CR disturbs me the most since dlp chip/Zeiss optics are most probably the same. Should I just go for the better out-of-production model or is there something I missed?
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Topic:   Macbook Projector Match - Epson EMP-TW700 or Benq CP220 ??

I'm looking for a projector to hook up to my Macbook.Not the ideal signal source, I know . Given the max resoultion of the macbook is 1280x800 would you go for the Benq cp220 which is max res 1024x768 approx $950 or Epson emp-tw700 which is max res 1280x720 and aprrox $1500 but I get an extra bulb/ low ,low budget 5.1 speakers/3 dvds" free" I will be mainly watching standard DVDs and xvid/Divx/h264 -480p stuff basically and no HD discs....... Will I gain anything by paying an extra $500 on the epson in terms of picture given I'm not using HD source material or the best of input hardware !!!! ?
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