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Topic:   Avoid BenQ projectors

I bought a BenQ PB8263 Projector (4000 ANSI Lumens) for my business in late 2006. It worked for about 1 year, it has less than 40 hours use. In late 2008, it started locking up and the projection had black lines running through it. I bought another projector (NOT A BenQ). I then sent the BenQ to Quality Service in NJ for repairs (Feb 2009), it came back and had same problem. I then called BenQ direct and sent it to them in Santa Ana, CA (April 2009). It came back, still with the same problems. Meanwhile, I had bought a Sharp Projector to use. (As I could depend on it to work). I left the BenQ in the box for 6 months, as we only use it for shooting to 9x12 screens (it's 4000 ANSI lumens). We tried to use it last week, it still has the same problems. Now BenQ says they won't even honor the last NON-REPAIR. Come on, less than 40 hours of use and it quits working. My first projector was a Sharp. I used it for 4-5 years without any problem (other than the lamp was going dim). I am in the video production business. I use these projectors for showing videos I produce. If you are considering buying a video projector, remember the my BenQ worked for less than 40 hours, it was sent in twice for repairs for the same problem and now I have a projector that worked for less than 40 hours. YOU CAN DO A LOT BETTER THAN A BENQ PROJECTOR!
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