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Topic:   Just replaced my Mit WD2000 with a new bulb.

Just replaced the bulb bought on Amazon in my Mitsubishi WD2000. Since it is not OEM bulb the housing that came with Amazon package looks plastic, so I took out the new Amazon bulb off of the housing and put it on the OEM housing. Hopefully this Amazon non OEM bulb will last long. Anypne has had experience with Amazon bulbs?
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Topic:   Help with Children's ministry Video Projector setup

I have a Mac Desktop and two Mitsubishi wd2000 projectors. Coming from the mac I have a converter that changes the video out to vga. From this it goes to a VGA splitter which sends a 50' cable to the left projector and one to the right projector. Also, we have a tv that has a rca splitter that is converted to a weird connection that pushes in and twists to connect to the back of the projector sending one side to one projector and the other side to the other projector. The picture quality on these units are very dim and I have to turn the ceiling lights in front of the screens down to get a good picture. When I unplug one side of the rca the other screen that is plugged in still gets a lot brighter which I understand with splitting the signal. I inherited this set up and am wondering what I can do to increase the brightness of these projectors. I tried pulling one of the vga cords and connecting it from the vga out to the vga in on the other and it caused the 2nd projector to freeze up. so what it looked like was this. From the computer to the left projector vga cpu1 in. from the left projector vga monitor out to the right projector vga cpu1 in. This caused the projector on the right to freeze up when I switched it to cpu1 input. Please help with any ideas and equipment / setup tips you might suggest. Thanks, Donnie
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Topic:   connecting 2 projectors together

can I daisy chain two projector to display same image
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Topic:   mitsubishi wd2000u or benq sp830

Guys! I want to buy a projector for a small-size auditorium, not more than 40 people. Lately I've done some research on the wide screen projectors. I've found two that suit my business application best: Mitsubishi WD2000U and BenQ SP830. They are both 1280x768 but the similarities end here. BenQ is half the price and is brighter -3500 lumens. I've read the Projector Central review on the Mitsubishi and they were impressed by this projector. On the other hand there is BenQ that hasn't been reviewed yet but some user gave it a 5 star score. Does anyone of you know what's the BenQ brand opinion among users? Do they make solid and dependable projectors that I wouldn't have to worry about and replace it in a month after purchase? Which one would you choose? Thanks for your help in advance!
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