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Topic:   connecting 2 projectors together

can I daisy chain two projector to display same image
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Topic:   mitsubishi wd2000u or benq sp830

Guys! I want to buy a projector for a small-size auditorium, not more than 40 people. Lately I've done some research on the wide screen projectors. I've found two that suit my business application best: Mitsubishi WD2000U and BenQ SP830. They are both 1280x768 but the similarities end here. BenQ is half the price and is brighter -3500 lumens. I've read the Projector Central review on the Mitsubishi and they were impressed by this projector. On the other hand there is BenQ that hasn't been reviewed yet but some user gave it a 5 star score. Does anyone of you know what's the BenQ brand opinion among users? Do they make solid and dependable projectors that I wouldn't have to worry about and replace it in a month after purchase? Which one would you choose? Thanks for your help in advance!
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