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Topic:   Projector Performace

I have a question about a DPL projectors performance in general. When I watch a movie or play games when there is alot of movement on the screen like in a high speed car chase or whatever the picture sometimes gets this refresh problem where it can't seem to paint the picture fast enough for the video and it has a slight horizontal line that will go across the screen as it tries to paint the picture. It’s like it appears to be chopping the screen in 2 halves. If the pictures are still or not much going on as far as movement then its fine there’s nothing wrong. It’s hard to explain but I think it has to do with the refresh performance of projectors. Is this common for this type of technology? I don’t recall having this type of performance issue on the old CRT TV's or even maybe the new flat panel TV's that are coming out. Any ideas on what causes this?