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Topic:   Wide angle lenses for Projector

Hi I need " T-WC070 Wide Converter Lens for the Canon Projector REALiS - SX60 ". Can you please help , Where can I get these lenses. I need a delivery for India . Kind regards H.S.Sudhakara
Topic:   4:3 to 16:9 - crop original pics or distort image in projector?

I plan to produce a multimedia show in Stumpfl`s Wings Platinum software. It will contain mainly images but also videos inset into the pictures. The Canon SX60 impresses me as it is bright enough for a large audience but competitively priced here in Switzerland. I plan to go wider than the native 4:3 format, projecting probably onto a 3 x 5 metre screen. Is it better to crop the images in the production (with accepted loss of vertical resolution) or is it better to alter the format in the projector? I assume the latter involves some loss of image quality. But which loss is less - that from the lost resolution or that from the distortion? With thanks
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Topic:   simulation project

Dear Sir, We are looking for visual solution to our simulator using CANON SX 60 projectors. Our requirement is 200 deg in azimuth and 40 deg in elevation. We plan to use 5 projectors of SX 60. When we check the calculation with the SW available it is looking difficult. Can you please let us know if we can meet our requirement with additional lense on the same projectors or replacing the present lense? OR can we fix additional lens for the projector ? a) Max throw distance is 2460mm [Projector to Screen] b) Sceen height is 1100mm. Screen is cylindrical type and screen as well as the projector is mounted on a motion platform. Will to be possible go get a FOV of 200deg x 40deg with this projector. Looking forward a solution for my problem Kind regards H.S.Sudhakara
Topic:   Xeed SX60 colour dithering

Hi guys, anyone's got a Realis/Xeed SX60 too? I've noticed heavy colour dithering when working on stuff with a lot of gradual colours... and it's quite bad when the dithering flickers between two patterns... :(
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Topic:   Advice on a good conference room projector

I'd recommend something like the REALiS SX60. It's got LCoS which, imo, is better than the other formats. Plus, it's SXGA+, so you can really get fine detail, which is great if you have spreadsheets or something else that requires you to see small type. 2,500 Lumens and (up to) 2000:1 contrast ratio should be more than enough for your conference room, plus it's under 10K (listed at 5,999). I was a big fan of the previous model, the SX50, and everything I've read about the SX60 shows like they've made it even better.
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