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Topic:   Need Info..newbie...planar PD8150

Thanks AV Integrated. I was only looking for a projector/screen because I already had a bose system. If you could point me in the direction of a 12K setup, that would be really helpful. Was thinking in that case, I could go with a JVC DLA-HD1000 and a regular screen like da-lite...seems like this would work for under 12K. Thanks again for all your input. [QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Apr 21, 2009 3:06:31 AM] Seems to me like you need to do a lot more research. Dump the overpriced gimmicks, stop buying into market, and not just ditch that projector/screen idea, but plan to put in an actual audio setup for the room. For $12,000, installed, you can have a home theater system which would truly be very solid. What you are looking at is almost all boutique stuff with little value beyond the marketing and hype you are buying into. Not worth it - and if your budget doesn't allow for the $25,000+ that a system like you want demands, then you should go with a really good traditional setup. Your budget does seem to afford you that without issue. [/QUOTE]
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