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Topic:   Benq MP620

hi, does anyone have Benq MP620 projekctor? i wonder if there is visable "rainbow effect". the color whele is spin witch 3x, almost all Benq projectors are spining witch 2x, and only one (for home cinema) witch 5x. i know that in 5x whell speed "rainbow effect" is still visable but less than in 2x. how is abotu 3x? i have seen HP ep 7122 but "rainbow effect" was very easy to see, Benq MP620 will be better to watch movies? or maby it is better to buy LCD projector?! in my country (poland) Nec VT 58 is cheap. parametrs of Nec VT 58: 1024x768 1600 ANSI 600:1 2000/4000h 25db but Benq have DVI... what do you think? and how it is about LCD time live?? (ps. i need projector for home cinema, i will conect it to computer)
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