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Topic:   meaning of fault code - "check the set is safely positioned" - LG AN110W

What does the fault code - "check the set is safely positioned" mean? LG's Tech support here in Norway can't help me. The projector turns itselves off after ca 1 min with this fault code flashing. As far as i can see it's no signs of owerheating. Please help.
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Topic:   LG AN110W Flicker

I got a lg an110w projector 4 months ago, and love it, but for the last week it started flickering (not like on and of but more like brighter and softer) I have it on a online ups and then tried another but nothing worked, not even on normal power. did anyone have this problem, please help thanks Brian
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Topic:   LG AN110 projector

Where can I get an LG AN110B/W projector that can be used in the US? Thanks for any help.
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Can hardly find any comments or reviews on this PJ, has anyone had any experience? It seemed to score well (5 stars) in a Home Cinema Choice review. I have a Yamaha DVD-S2500 HD DVD Player to hook up to it. Any comments would be great. Dan
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