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Topic:   Projector wont use dvi input anymore

Hi I am Steve in Sacramento, and I am, new to this forum. I bought this projector (Viewsonic Cine1000) as new old stock to play games and watch blu-rays from pc. I got this pj and hooked it to my pc via the dvi-dvi to my geforce 6600, and windows xp 32 bit. It worked fine and down converted to its native resolution on its own. One day it wouldn't show a pic anymore from the dvi input. All other inputs would still work though. I tried everything to make it work, and no dice. I sent the pj in for service and they sent me a refurb one :( Anyway since the time I sent it and got a replacement, I have built a new pc. I am running win 7 64 bit now and using a gts 250 video card. I still cant get this pj to detect the dvi signal either. The pc sees it although. I can still use any other input the pj has such as s-video component rgb etc.... with no problems. Please help[ me with this !!
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Topic:   ViewSonic Cine1000 - Bulb going off every 3-4 minutes

In the last week I've started to have problems with my bulb just switching off without warning. I can power down and back up again, with the bulb coming back - but after 3 or 4 minutes, it goes out again. The first time, it just happened once, then not again for several days. Then, two days ago, it happened twice in a row, then stayed on fine for the rest of my movie. Last night, it went off three times in a row, and I gave up. I'm only at 1100 bulb hours, have had it for about 2.5 years! I haven't moved or jostled the projector unit since I installed it. Any ideas? My only guess is I need to maybe open it up and clean it out, which I've never done before. Any help is appreciated!
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Topic:   Viewsonic Cine1000 won't run at 1080i

Just installed my new Viewsonic cine 1000 projector and must say that I really like it. The image is very good and the clarity is surprising clear for a projector in this price range. I am using the component video connection but even when I have a HD signal of 1080i the projector remains at 480. Is there a setup I am missing? I am a first time user of a projector so any insight ill be appreciated.
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Topic:   resolution... 1024x768 vs 854x480

Hi, I'm looking for an entry level projector for my home theater. I want it to see DVDs, movies, TV, an entertaiment. So my favourite choice so far is the ViewSonic Cine1000. But, looking the specification i see that the resolution seems too low, just 854x480, when there are some others at 1024x768 or 1280, etc. I guess that this is related with the native aspect ratio 16:9... 1) But I can't understand if this apparently low resoluiton will imply bigger pixels or not. 2) how is related this 16:9 resolution with 1024x768 resolution. Are them comparable? 3)The other choice for me is the viewsonic PJ458D which is a 1024x768 resolution but this is more intended for business... I really want a decent resolution is 854x480 a good one? thanks a lot
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