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Topic:   Hitachi CP-S240 No Red?!? Newbie Help Please!

Hi, I've been browsing the forums for a while and gave into temptation and bought a projector - just a cheap one at first to see how I got on with the screen and general change from TV to PJ. So I have now an Hitachi CP-S240 which is great with my Mac mini and my Xbox 360. Well, it's great for brightness, image size and sharpness but colourwise I belive I have a problem which I don't know if it's me or the PJ. I have it up and running but unfortunately it seems to be having problems with the red part of the RGB spectrum. I have the mac and 360 running on the VGA inputs and a Dreamcast on the SVideo and the colours are washed out and lacking in red and yellows. I have tried calibrating it by use of the colour settings and the gamma (also with colour bars which seem ok but I can't be sure as I have nothing to compare!) but when moving the red element nothing happens (turning up green makes it very green and turing up blue makes it very blue). Because of this people tend to look purple lipped (or just odd in Family Guy) and games like Crazy Taxi (with heavy use of yellow) look very washed out. I'm going to order a different VGA lead to check it's not that but does anybody have any help you can offer me here? It's worrying as other than that it's a great piece of kit but I just want to get it all running ok so we can watch films on it properly. If it helps I can post pics of the problems. Thanks in advance
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