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Topic:   Benq mp720p no light image

So i have got a benq mp720p form my school. I hocked up on the power. A normal power stand-by light. And I put it on fans of the bulb goes on than power light blinking green after a few seconds I get no power light and still running no image and light. After few minuts the bulb fans isn't running. I press the power button and blinking green and than no power light and still running. Can't turn it off. The light under the word power. And the on button normal green steady light
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Topic:   How to get full potential out of 1024 X 768 native

I just purchased a BenQ 720p. Let me say that it looks great. I'll be using it mainly for XBOX360 and regular TV. I hooked my my 360 to it last night, using a VGA cable. The resolution was 640 x 480 or something to that effect. This projector is capable of 1024 x 768. Can this be achieved with the XBOX360? Should I try to use the PJ DVI port? Also, I have a HD cable receiver, which has component outputs. Right now, I am using S-Video to go from my cable box to the PJ. Should I use a component to DVI for TV viewing? Will this provide me with 720p resolution? Thanks.......
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Topic:   720p not 720p!

Even though the model is 720p, it's xga (duh!). Bought this projector for shutter 3D, but thought it would support HDTV since the specs say it supports 720P and 1080i. I have an HDMI to DVI adapter, which I used to hook up to my Toshiba HD-DVD player (A03)- I get a source indication of "1920x540 @ 59hz" but no picture~! (Picture is fine if I run a composite connection). Is my best bet to get a component to vga adapter? THANKS ron
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