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Topic:   Cowboys Sports Media Room

Media Room Color Dallas Cowboy Blue 18'X 22' 112" Screen 16:9 Sony Blu-ray Disc DVD Player HDTV/DVR Cable Box Panamax Power Conditioner Polk Audio RM6900 Home Theater Speaker Plk Audio PSW112 12" Powered Sub Denon AVR-2808CI Receiver Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP Projector Framed Autographed Jerseys

I'm late to reply, but I think you should check out the PIONEER ELITE PRO-FPJ1 HDILA PROJECTOR Its the clone of the RS20 I think. The street prices are under $2800.
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Topic:   Projected image is not "square" rhombus effect

First time post :-) I am a noob, but came across a problem straight away. The image looks like this: This is first day stuff so I presume can be adjusted like a monitor. I could flip, rotate, side to side, vertically etc move it but not manipulate the right side of the screen. I won it on ebay and hope this is an easy fix. The lamp does need changing soon, just in case that is relevant.
Topic:   Mitsubishi calibration (Projectorboy)

I promised to post my calibration settings that I came up with on the HC3000 and here they are. From HD-DVD via HDMI: Gamma set to Cinema for all inputs Color Temp: Contrast R= 0 G= -8 B= -5 Brightness R= 0 G= 0 B=0 BC=On Component from DVD: Contrast R= -3 G= -10 B= -5 Brightness R= -3 G= 0 B= -1 BC=On HD analog component from cable box into proj thru VGA port: Same as DVD but I had to turn the overall brightness down to -10 to get the black levels where they should be. Could just be a quirk with my cable box or Time Warner Cable.
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Topic:   Projector throw distance.

Another projector question; I haven't come across this in my readings yet but if I am able to choose the distance of my projector mount from my screen and I have the choice of 150" to 191", where will I get the best bang for the buck? Thanks! James
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