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hi , Can you please give me the delears list for canon Projector bulbs in singapore.
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Topic:   canon lv - x5

hi I have purchase canon LV - x5 projector. Not able to get the output from my laptop dell D 6000 . Can you suggest the solution for this. During start up the logo ( canon ) is apperaiging. I want to avoid this. Can anyone give me the solution . Please sudhakara
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Topic:   3 p-Si TFT panels versus 1 p-Si TFT panel

Hello, My name is Dragos Alexandru and I am interested in buying an LCD projector. I found a newly released Canon projector, model LV-X5. Seems to suit me perfectly! I do not know much about video projectors and I am unclear on something. This model says it has only ONE p-Si TFT panel, rather than three (red, green & blue). On the specs page from Canon ( it says this: LCD Panel System: 0.7" p-Si TFT active-matrix with Micro Lens Array (doesn't say "x3" like in the case of other Canon projectors) It has a TOTAL of 1024 x 768 pixels = 786,432 pixels. I know other porojectors have 786,432 x 3 TFT panels = 2,359,296 pixels. Can someone tell me please how this thing affects the quality of the projector picture? Why doesn't it have 3 TFT panels like most of the LCD projectors? How bad/good it is overall? Also, if someone of you already bought this LV-X5 model, please share your experiences with me here - I only found one review of it on the internet. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Dragos Alexandru
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