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Topic:   New person, pondering projector purchase

Pepsican, if not having to buy a bulb for three years is all important to you, you can shrug off the possibility of seeing rainbows (2X colorwheel), and a computer is your main source for display, perhaps the HP vp6320c is for you. Bulbs often go out sooner than their rated life so I guess the Panny AE900 that doesn't have a stated life for the bulb or even the BenQ with a bulb that might need replacement within a few months of purchase (though also rated at 4000 hours in eco mode like the HP's) isn't for you. The 1024x768 computer display of text will probably be better on the HP than resized text on the Panny, other things being acceptable. You won't get as good a picture, but I guess that's not so important after all. Good luck.* *There are 3 versions of this projector, vp6320, vp6320b, and vp6320c. What's the difference? Cost of the warranty included: 1, 2, and 3 years respectively. You can figure on the colorwheel failing before the bulb on the Panny unless they made recent improvements.
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