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Topic:   Help with Projector setup

First off I'll owe whoever can figure this out for me some beer. I have the EIKI LC-X60 Page 12 has all the inputs available if you click on the maual link. I was given this from my work because they upgraded. So I can get this projector to work only on RCA Video and audio cables. I have bought a male hdmi to male DVI-D and tried to hook up to both my xbox 360 and my cable box that supports HD to the projector. The projector will not even register that any source is connected that way. I am wondering if the HDCP is the problem? I don't really understand HDCP but it sounds like it could interfere. If someone can suggest some things to try or can help me out I appreciate it. Football season is just around the corner. ####UPDATE#### So amazingly I tried again and it worked with the cord I described above. The picture was sharp on ESPN.... for about 10 seconds. I was then greeted with the error message " Your TV does not support this program's content protection. Replacing the TV's Hdmi cable with component cables will allow you to view the program." Please tell me there is a way around this message. Thank you.
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Topic:   How can we go digital with our projector setup w/o signal lost?

We are looking to upgrade our projector and go from analog to digital, and I wanted to know if it's possible with our current setup. We're running a 120 ft cable (vga) from a laptop to our computer room, which connects to the input of a Trulink 4-port uxga monitor splitter. In the outputs of the trulink we have (3) 35 ft vga cables for the projector and 2 monitors on the stage. Everything is great since it's analog, but won't most digital cables (hdmi & dvi) lose its signal after about 20 ft? What do we have to do to go digital?
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