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Topic:   Dark Chip 3 projectors?

I used to have the 1999 Vidikron EPOCH D600 (1024/768 - with 720p support) which I had it bought it new in 1999. I had lot of problems with Green panel going first and then the Blue panel and then the ability to zoom (all after the warranty expired). So, frustrated with the problems I finally replaced it with Yamaha. I just got the latest Yamaha DPX-1200 and awaiting the ceiling mount to mount it. Meanwhile, checked it by placing on the table and projecting 96" diagnal (I have 106" diagnal screen -- Dalite). The 1200 uses the latest Darkchip3. I decided to go with Yamaha as it has the Faroudja processing and it was very quiet and the picture appeared to be better than Optoma 79 and infocus 7210 (all of them have darkchip 3). The yamaha weighs lot more than others but their lens I believe is the best and the reason for picture being very sharp. Also it has motorized lens shift, focus, zoom, etc., In addition to numerous manual settings that one can go crazy over! Oh yes, memory for each of the inputs!! ..RD
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