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Topic:   Dark Chip 3 projectors?

muz1 in addition to the Dark Chip 3 projectors Rambo4 identifed as being available today there is also a new BenQ will use the DC3 called BenQ PE8720. This model features an 8-segment, 5x color wheel. The eight segments include two sets of red, green, blue, and dark green, a configuration that is intended to eliminate dithering noise in the dark areas of the image. Contrast is boosted significantly from 2500:1 on the PE8700 to 5500:1. Benq current release date for the PE8720 June/July timeframe. It will be comparable to the other DC3 projectors but its going to be tuff for any of these projectors to beat the recent Optoma H79 review done by Projector Central. Good Luck in your search, featuring TI's DarkChip3, 1280x720 resolution, and an 8-segment, 5x speed color wheel models.
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