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Topic:   View Sonic 862

My blue lcd has developed a big spot tha looks to be between the two parts took it out won't clean so I guess the lcd is bad. My question is does anyone know a good place for parts am not paying 500 dollars for someone to do this easy repair for me. Next idea is that can i pretty much swap this lcd out with any other .8 blue lcd I can get? Cable wise is my only worry but I can do the research for that thanks.
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Topic:   Viewsonic PJ862

We are looking at this model for our Church Youth Building. Does anyone have any reviews of this? Any complaints on Viewsonic? Any other recommendations would be nice too. We are wanting the best bang for the buck. This model has every hookup that you could potential want.
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Topic:   any reviews?

I am in charge of picking out a new projector for our Church Youth Building. We are looking for one with the best bang for the buck. This one has the most awesome array of hookups for the price. Does anyone have anything against this Viewsonic brand or product Viewsonic PJ862?