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Topic:   Projector Resale value?

Hey all - I just posted another thread about ugrading from my Boxlight Raven, but I also wanted to know if anyone had some input on its resale. Here are the specs - The projector is in perfect quality, but the bulb's hour count is nearly 3,185, so It'll need a replacement bulb soon. I'm thinking of putting this projector up on ebay for around $250 or 300. Does anyone have any input? Does this sound high, low, or just right? Furthermore, most of my friends agree that I should sell the projector as-is instead of buying a replacement bulb then placing it on ebay. Lemmie know if anyone disagrees. Thanks! andy
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Topic:   Gaming projector $1000-1500 range

Check out Boxlight's Raven gaming projector that is set up for gaming. Boxlight partnered with Xbox on this project to develop the gaming projector and is featured on Xbox and Boxlight's website.
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