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Topic:   Replacing a projector, need help selecting a new one and lens

Our Hitachi CP-x1250 projector (w/long throw lens) is about to to bite the dust so we need to replace it and I'm not having any luck using the projector calculator at Our budget is ~$3500 for a projector shooting about 33 feet from a 120 inch screen. We are currently on a 4:3 ratio but will upgrade our screen next year to 16:9. Can anyone suggest a comparable projector/lens combo that will work for this distance and screen size? We will need to be able to use it in 4:3 until we upgrade the projector screen as well. Here are the specs for our current projector (minus the zoom lens):
Topic:   How to Sell a $15,000 Projector?

Well, I recently came into possession of a pretty high quality projector (I think). They were going to toss it out so I took it instead. Anyways it doesn't work, doesn't even turn on, unless I am doing something wrong. I just wanted to know how I would go about selling it for parts or for refurb? I don't want to overcharge or get ripped off. I'd rather undercharge than overcharge, though, too. Should I try fixing it up and then selling it or just not mess with it? Also the lens part looks like it is supposed to retract or something and it isn't doing that. Basically I want to make some money off of this and hopefully make someone happy with a nice projector? Looking for some advice. Any comments are welcome, thanks. Here's where I got the MSRP:
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Topic:   Replacing blue LCD panel

Hi all, I've got a broken Hitachi X-1250 for free, and my guess is that the Blue LCD panel is faulty. I have the option to buy a complete prism-assembly for it, including LCD panels, from another projector that has the same problem. Now, my question is, will I be able to replace the blue LCD panel with a different one (so actually a different 'color') Or, in other words, are the LCD panels interchangable for other colors?
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Topic:   Repair or Replace Hitachi CP-X1250

Since my last post asking for help getting polarizers for my church’s projector, I’ve done my research and found that we’ll have to replace the whole optical board; at a cost of about $1000. Now I have to decide whether to shell out a grand to fix the existing projector or look into buying a new one. I’d like some input into that decision. The original MSRP for the Hitachi CP-X1250 is $14k. Even though the unit is out of production, I found one in a store still selling for $4k. On the theory that you get what you pay for, I’m thinking that the $1000 projectors on the market are not going to be very comparable to what we’ve got. And $4000 is definitely not in the budget. So what are some thoughts on whether a $1000-$2000 projector is going to deliver as much as our CP-X1250? Have technology prices dropped enough that a $2000 projector really is comparable to a projector that cost $14000 just a few years ago? What should I look for when shopping around for a new projector?
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Topic:   Connection PC to Projector - Best ?

HITACHI CP-X1250 to PC Connection Now looking to set up for the best Blu-ray video display [audio goes elsewhere] from PC to projector via a 10 metre cable and adapters if necessary Projector has virtually all inputs including M1-D and network but no dedicated HDMI port PC graphics card has HDMI, D-Sub [VGA] and DVI-I [HDMI,HDCP and Dual-link DVI output supported] ports Please advise your recommendation
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