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Topic:   How bad is the VB on the AE700?

I have had my Panny 700 since the beginning of November and have never seen any VB at all. I could not be more happy with this projector, it is perfect for the home cinema with the 2X zoom lens, and horizontal/vertical lens shift, and the picture is truly spectacular.
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Topic:   street pricing?

$1099 from here: Probably a scam.
Topic:   Screen Dilemma

You can't beat the value of the AE700. I got it with plans to replace it in about a year. After experiencing the picture, I'm sure I'll keep it longer than that...pretty much until I can afford a good 1080 line projector. I'm using it with a Da-Lite 106" Video Spectra 1.5 and couldn't be happier. -Joe
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