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Topic:   Looking to replace my PT-AE700u

After a little over nine years and three bulbs I'm thinking it’s time to retire our faithful Panasonic PT-AE700u...its performed flawlessly. Now with 3100 hours on the current bulb I just rather replace it then install a new lamp. My family and I use our projector predominantly for watching Blu-ray/Netflix/streaming movies as well as a little friendly XBOX ONE gaming. My projector is ceiling mounted about 16’ from our 106" screen. Having no issues with my current Panasonic I started looking at their latest offering, the AE8000, and was surprised it was nearly two years old…is this really a big deal when it comes to projectors? Is it a sign there won’t be another model? Sticking in the 2000 – 2500 dollar price point is there really much of a big difference between the Panasonic, Epson, and the new Sony model? Or does it just come down to small specs and features that a non videophile like myself will never use or be able to discern? I would like a 3D unit but have some concerns with the infrared glasses due to the projector being mounted on the ceiling above my seating; is that going to be a problem? Would appreciate for someone to lend their expertise with my selection and maybe even tell me the best place to purchase. Thank you….
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Topic:   Projector Screen Flashing

I have a Panasonic PT-AE700U with 300 hours on the bulb. It works perfectly fine watching a blue-ray but flashes white noise on the screen every 3 seconds for a half second when watching HD cable tv. This just started happening. The cables are tight. All cables go thru a HDMI switch then one long (25') HDMI to the projector. The projector is set to "high" output. No sign of overheating... Any ideas? thanks.
Topic:   400 disk bd player

sony bd 400 disk player is it any good was looking for a place to store my bd and thought the carsouel would be good. or can i convert my bd into a file on a hard drive
Topic:   pt ae 7000u

looking for a projector for my man cave/ boom boom room. i have some ambianet light and the rest can be controlled by a dimmer. was thinking for a long time about the 8350 and then 5010 and finally the pt ae 7000u decision decision what to do now. help please. the size screen would have to be 115" 2.35.1 just like the overall look of the 235 vs the big square block personal prefence. i was wondering with the pt ae7000u lens memory on a 235 screen how would regular hdtv look on the screen (no black bars please)
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Topic:   Panasonic PTAE7000 vs Epson 5010

I am looking to upgrade my Panasonic PT-AE4000U and was considering the 7000U. A friend recommended looking at the Epson 5010 which I am unfamiliar with. I have done some research and they seem very similar both in pricing and specifications. Any experience or insight as to which performs best?
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