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Topic:   toshiba mt200 problems

hi im new to the site so hello all the problem i have is i have a toshiba mt200 and want to conect it using compisite but when i do this i get a poor picture. so i got an s-video lead and that does the same now i connect it to a video so i use a scart to s-video/compisite adapture. if i plug both leads in at the same time it works fine so after scaning all the menus on the projector i can only see 1 problem in s-video the video mode is set to PAL and in video (compasite) the video mode is set to PAL-N i think this is the problem but how do i change it to pal if anyone could advise me that would be great thanks martin
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Topic:   H31 Rainbows...

My gues is your seeing the rainbows Because the Whites are overly Bright I had this same problem and solved it at the suggestion Of my instller In my case I have the Infocus SP4805 My Dealer suggested that I purchase a Hoya HMC ND-2 Filter this will cut down the lumen out put without compromising video settings that would other wise be altered if the brightness was toned down in the menu. The end result is I have a more natural film like looking picture and The RBE has Diminished from about 50% of the time to about 2% of the time. My projector was originally Setup using a Filter that my dealer remove because he only had one. I purchased mine from You might visit AVScience and look in ther H31 Sticky thread to find out the what MM size you will need The Toshiba TDP MT200 offers the same DMD chip with a 5x color wheel speed as an alternative
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Topic:   Screen "circles"

Hello all, When displaying a completely black screen I am seeing four 5inch circles on my screen. They are slightly lighter than the rest of the black image. They could be be considered 2 groups of 2 circles overlapping each other. Any ideas? It's almost as though there could be a piece of crud on the lens or lamp that is getting magnified onto the screen. I can't see anything on the lens though besides fine dust particles. There's another really good best to clean the lens? Phaedrus
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