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Topic:   90 degree bend with mirror

Hello, Haven't got the projector yet, but I'm getting it for role-playing gaming, with an aim to projecting maps down onto a gaming table. I'd like to mount the projector horizontally, as it was intended, above the ceiling tiles of my dining room, and use a mirror to bend the light 90 degrees so it projects down onto the table. I have two basic questions: Are there attachments for bending the source 90 degrees, something periscope-esque, that will fit right onto the lens? This would certainly be the best solution for me since it wouldn't involve too much DIY and I assume it'd work just fine. If there are none, Is mounting my own mirror a terribly difficult task? It doesn't seem like it would be that hard, although I wonder about what to attach it too - perhaps some semi-flexible stem (like the stem on many desk lamps) to allow me to adjust it? Would your garden variety mirror degrade the image at all, and would I need something special? Objections to the plan in general? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!