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Topic:   Epson PowerLite 61p

I'm going to start this with saying I bought this projector broke with an unknown problem about 3 years ago , Paid less than $75.00 for it as a project , never had any expectations of it working . When I got it I found out it had 1 non-working fan out of 3 so I replaced it and it has worked pretty much flaweless since then , I knew it was out of production so I went ahead and bought a replacement lamp while they're still available , So here are the only issues I have with it and these may be normal for it's age but : 1) The original lamp (still working) has a yellowish tint to it compared to the replacement lamp I bought , Is that normal or caused by the output of heat from the lamp itself? Then there is an issue of I changed the lamp thinking the new clearer lamp would produce an even better quality image on the screen but within a minute of installing the new lamp it will power itself off with a blinking red LED , Already had the new lamp replaced with another new lamp and same issue but as soon as I put the old lamp back in it stays on and works fine , Has me stumped so i'll burn the old lamp until it dies. 2)I only notice this issue during credits or subtitles and during the projectors menu screen but white letters and numbers or text projected on the screen always appears to have a blue shadow above to the right of whatever the text is being displayed , looks to be some type of an out of alignment issue but I have never seen it on images during movie playback. Maybe this is what everyone is calling the "Rainbow Effect"?
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