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Topic:   Sea Shell Distortion

I recently got my hands on a nearly new (<25hrs) Panasonic PT-L785U. (XGA) I am having some problems with a very pronounced distorion of the image. The distortion looks something like a sea shell with waves of lighter and darker bands arcing slightly out from the bottom to the top. The distortion is visable even when I select other inputs. The refresh rate and resolution don't seem to have an impact on the visability of the error. When I adjust the zoom, the bands have a kaleidoscope effect leading me to believe this is something to do with the physical optics of the projector. I've seen similar problems on CRT monitors when the resolution or refresh rates were too high for the monitor. My problem is further compounded by not really knowing what to call this type of visual error. Can anyone suggest a resolution to this problem and/or give me a name for this type of error so I can do a better job of finding resources online? Thanks.