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Topic:   Strange Bright Spots

Hi all I'm new to this game, so please excuse my complete ignorance! I recently acquired a second hand HP vp6111 from a friend and set it up as a basic home cinema projector. However, I have a problem which has left me stumped. There appears to be marks/scratches/spots (referred to as spots from now on) which are being projected with the DVD image. The spots only really become visible when there is a dark scene on the DVD, such as at night etc. To try and explain, it looks like somebody has flicked paint onto the projection screen. When a bright scene is being projected from the DVD, the appearance of the spots lessens. I tried holding a piece of black card close to the lens of the projector, and could clearly see the spots...which now resembled fine scratches and blemishes. I have cleaned the lens, and checked the lamp and I cannot see any evidence of damage or dirt. From my awful explanation of my problem (sorry) can anybody shed any light on this? Thank you
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Topic:   HP VP6111 -- can't tell if the bulb is out

Okay, I know this sounds like a stupid question since I can't tell if my bulb is working? But here's some context -- I bought an HP VP6111 last year (to watch world cup soccer) and after about 300 hours, it stopped turning on. All that happens now is when I power it up, the lamp light goes on (indicating that perhaps there's a problem with the lamp); note that the temp light never goes on. So I shipped it to HP and they sent it back saying the bulb was out and I'd have to buy a new one since the warranty on the bulb is only 90 days. I wasn't too pleased with the fact that the manual says the bulb is expected to last for 2000 hours and it only lasted 300 for me. So I called HP back and the HP rep on the phone asked me to take the bulb out and shake it and look at the filament -- there was no noise on the shake and the filament is intact. So he thought maybe it was the color wheel or the ballast(???). So now I'm going to ship it back to them (at their expense since it is under warranty...except the convenient!). I'm just hoping that the tech that looked at it when it first came in didn't catch the problem and that it's something other than the bulb. I think I'm rambling here a bit but is it possible that the bulb has gone bad even though the filament's intact? What other options do I have?
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Topic:   HP VP6111+Xbox 360 Question

Hey, new to the forums, was just looking through the classifieds for a HDTV for a newly purchased Xbox 360 and I was wondering what you thought of the HP vp6111, with a relatively new lamp, for about 500 bucks. Would this HD projector be easily compatible with the 360?, would the graphics be as good as with just a rear projection HDTV? Any oppinions/advice on this model or other models that go well with the 360 would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Topic:   Gaming projector $1000-1500 range

I use the HP VP6111 for my gaming. Just played Halo 2 tonight on it and it looked great. Of course if you want a good picture you need to have the Advanced HD pack so you can enable 480p, otherwise it'll look blah. Thats a problem I'm having with my older consoles right now (PS1, Saturn etc.). I need to find an upscan converter for those older systems I think. Anyway I got mine off of for $1200 but now I see they're on sale for $900. Give it a thought. Oh and DVD's (on my progressive scan DVD player) look good as well.
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