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Topic:   lost resolution

[QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Aug 19, 2005 4:35:42 AM] What are you sending? computer signal (powerpoint) What type of cable are you using?standard vga cable ( 100 ft before extentions) ( about 115ft) What type of connection is it you are using on the cable? Standard connection to a video card What is playing the video? Powerpoint What is the display device? Eiki Model eip-25 Brand names, exact type of wiring, and model numbers will help. For example: If you say we are running a computer signal over s-video and it looks horrible... Then, you will be removed from these forums, placed in a field, and thoroughly flogged. ;) Lots of reasons things may not work, but more details are needed, othrewise it is blind guesswork. [/QUOTE]
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