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Topic:   help

I owned the dell for almost a year and enjoyed it very much because dish network, and even other providers have very little high def programming. I don't have enough time to watch dvd's and only occassionally watch movies on hbo hd and showtime hd. The setup worked great because i got a really nice, large 4:3 picture for all my favorite tv shows, which is most of my current viewing. When I did watch HD content, the picture was very sharp, i just really noticed the rainbow effect and also, the 4100mp was at times too bright for my setup causing a washout. It also had very poor contrast despite what its specs say. I didn't expect to be able to make this projector change. If the Z4 and 900u were a thousand or so more than the ht1100, none of this would matter. Truly, with dish and direct being a year or so away from getting more hd content, i don't really know why i am being so anal about my situation. If i had my ultimate choice here, it would be to go with a 16:9 screen and a projector to match and be more future proof, but since i have such an expensive screen in 4:3 format, it makes this very difficult. I could always buy a 16:9 projector and use the screen, it would just be a very unusual setup. If no one has a better suggestion that the HT1100, i will go with that since the dell image impresssed me enough except for the disadvantages i listed above. I think the nec's technologies will overcome those disadvantages and make me happy. Anyone agree or have another, better idea? My dell was a 2000 lumen projector and was too bright a lot of the time, but i am afraid the 1100 lumens of the ht1100 might not be enough. I have pretty good control of incoming light and the screen has no direct light hitting it.
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Topic:   Advice on gaming projectors wanted (Dell 4100 looks rather good...)

Greetings, this is my first post on the forum, and it is here for one very natural reason: I am to spend big money on a home all-in-one project. First of, I will have a new computer, new projector, new TV-card (for the PC) and my old sound system all knit together to optimize its capabilities. I have about 4500$+ (27000kr [Norway]) to spend on a projector and computer in total. I am a gamer at heart, and that will be my main reason to buy a projector, as they do not cost "that" much anymore. Thus far I have been looking at quite a few projectors (on the www), and the Dell lineup looks to me to be very good for its price. I have also been keeping an eye at the previously award winning In-focus line, but compared to the Dell tehy look bleak. If this is nothing but Internett-hype, then please tell me. The Dell 4100MP is my favourite "as-I-write", but that is also one of the reasons I ask here, to either confirm or deny my current favourite. I have heard on another less "sofisticated" forum that resolution will be my best friend with regards to computer gaming (everquest2 in particular), followed by Brightness. Some guy also mentioned that my computer needs a DVI plugg, and I wonder what that is (I am not very into chips and pluggs). I think the projector will be about 3-3,5 meters away from the wall, and some advice on that would also be well resceived. Under the description of the projector (at it mentioned that it works between 5- -40 degrees, which I found rather strange. Am I correct that this is the optimal temperature, not the required one? I guess my room will hold a good 20-25 degrees with the entire system pluss crowd all pumped up. As an end note I would like to ask anyone qualified about how they think my general performance will be with my soon-to-come computer, and if it will be fully compatibel with the projector. If I stick with a Dell 4100MP projector, the PC will be a Dell XPS Gen 5, with Pentium D 840 processor (dual 3.20GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB cache), 1 gig of DDR ram (533hz) and Geforce 6800. Thank you all so much for your time and care. Rasmus Haugen Sandvik
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Topic:   SOmetimes I don'rt Get it, projectors & Screen sizes

Hello guys. I can take a computer apart and put it back together, but projectors and sizes hmmmm! SO I have the Dell 4100mp, got a screen 60" and put it in the living room. The projector is 15' from the screen and the picture is HUGE. I thought I could make these pictures smaller using the lens and such?? Is that not the case? SO what projectors can I get that this could be done? Need your help.
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Topic:   Dell 4100MP keeps searching

I have a Dell 4100MP that was working fine with 1024x768 using a Dell 700M laptop. I tried changing the res to 1280x768 and now the 4100MP just keeps cycling through the searching for connection screens. Changing the res back to 1024x768 and even 800x600 had no effect. Another laptop works fine. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks
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Topic:   Has anyone used a Dell 2200MP or 2300MP?

I was not impressed with anything about this projector. The color was pretty bad and took quite a bit of tweaking in order to make it acceptable. It has a pretty loud fan. Picture quality was only decent when you were using component video. This projector is also very difficult to aim it shoots really high from a table and really low from the ceiling. It looked like mine was aimed towards the ceiling in order to get it to project at a decent height on he wall. I am not sure what other Dell projectors are like as that is the only experience I have with one. Matt
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