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Topic:   Doggone it, DVI input problem not solved, after all

I posted earlier about problems inputting my Dish receiver's HDMI output through the DVI-I port of my BenQ PE7800, and I thought my problem had something to do with the type of cable I was using. Apparently not. When I hook up the receiver, my projector shows no sign of being hooked to anything. I have used two different HDMI-DVI adaptors, and I have set the receiver to 480, 720 and 1080 with no difference. When I plug the cable from the projector into the DVI output of a DVD player, the projector shows a pattern that looks like a close-up of tweed cloth, only in color. If I put an adaptor on the cable and plug it into my computer's VGA port, it works fine. What's going on here?
Topic:   Confused on HDMI vs DVI

I am currently running a DishNetwork HD receiver to my BenQ PE7800 with RGB connections. It works great, but I would prefer to use the projector's DVI-I input so the RGB can be used for a second DVD player. The receiver has an HDMI output. The projector came with an HDMI-DVI adaptor. The projector manual shows a separate audio connection when using the DVI-I input, so I realize I won't be able to get both audio and video signals via that source. However, I thought I would be able to feed the HDMI video output from the receiver to the DVI-I input of the projector. Apparently not. Is this a misunderstanding on my part about what kind of signals are involved, or could I be doing something wrong? Thanks.
Topic:   Higher Resolution Issue

Does anyone know if Benq has a fix to address a switching problem that occurrs when a DVD plays (Sony DVP-CX995v) in higher resolution mode w/ a Projector model Benq 7800;
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Topic:   525 DVI progressive format to 1080i

How do I up scale 525 DVI progressive format to 1080i with the DVI TO HDMI connection. I hava a Sony DVP-CX995v DVD Player and a Benq 7800 projector, when viewing DVD with the HDMI setting it shows as 525p DVI with a black screen with no picture. I'm using the optical and coaxial PCM/DTS/Dolby Digital out for sound. Can any one help me figure this out.
Topic:   BenQ PE7800 competitors?

Hi, there are so many projectors out there, and finding accurate information on color segs and wheel speed is so hard to obtain at times, i have only been able to find the PE7800 by benQ to meet my standards. However i am not satisified with only having one projector to compare (especially since i have never seen it operate), so i was wondering what are other projectors in this class comparable to the benq? Basically im looking for DLP projectors with at least 5x color wheel speeds for around $1000.
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